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The Latest Street Food Craze in Kerala

The Latest Street Food Craze in Kerala
Kerala is known for its fried fish, lovely stews and soothing backdrops. But, recent years have seen a shift in the culinary scenario with street food coming up a major attraction. Gone are the days when many would think twice before eating at a wayside eatery. Street food has now become the latest fad and the most hot selling item in Kerala is the 'thattu (small) dosa' and 'omplate' omlette. 

The thattu dosha takes its name from its small size that fits into one's palm and is easy to cook as well as to eat. Each steaming dosha is priced at Rs.4 and is generally eaten with coconut chutney, along with red chilly chutney, rasa vada and pappad.

The omplate is made with chicken or duck egg. Why omplate? Well, that's how many Keralites prefer to pronounce it. These wayside eateries are called 'thattu kada' as they can be dismantled and set up anywhere.

Essentially makeshift kitchens are perched on three-legged tables propped up by bricks over which a tawa is placed for making the dosas and the omlettes. The entire meal costs for only Rs 25. 

Manned mostly by family members, they start out at around 4 p.m, when the flour is brought straight from the mills and one of the workers gets down to making the batter. Another one slices onions and the green chilies, a third arranges the egg tray and fourth lights the flame under the tawa.

"This is our bread and butter. It's tough these days as there is heavy competition as more and more thattu kadas are opening up. We have been in the business for almost decade and we have regular customers," said Bhuvanedran, the head of a thattu kada in Thiruvananthapuram. 

A drive across the major towns and cities of the state reveals that each of these eateries is buzzing with activity during evening, with many people eating or getting the food packed.

"My children and I really enjoy eating at these eateries. It's really tasty, quick and very cheap. The problem is my parents turn fussy when told that we had dinner at a thattu kada," says one of their clients.

Courtesy: NDTVcooks