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Sunanda Pushkar to divorce Shashi Tharoor?

Sunanda Pushkar to divorce Shashi Tharoor?
New Delhi: Sunanda Tharoor, the feisty wife of Union Minister of State for HRD Shashi Tharoor has accused her husband of being involved in an extra-marital relationship with a Pakistan-based journalist, and has threatened divorce 

Speaking to The Indian Express, Sunanda said: "I completely stand by my tweets, 1,100 per cent stand by that.  That woman pursued and pursued him..men are stupid anyways ...for all you know she is a Pakistani agent. Where's love, where's loyalty in this world...I am so distraught."

The minister's wife said, she felt "destroyed as a wife and a woman" after what she called a "rip-roaring affair" of her husband with the Pakistani journalist, which she said, had been going on since April last year. 

Sunanda alleged there had been a series of BlackBerry Messenger exchanges between Shashi Tharoor and the Pakistani journalists.

She said, she would seek a divorce from her husband soon. 

On his part, Shashi Tharoor alleged that his Twitter account has been hacked after controversial tweets were posted from his account , addressed to the Pakistan-based journalist. 

"Sorry folks, my @Twitter account has been hacked & will be temporarily deactivated. Bear with me while we solve this", he tweeted.