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Sunanda Pushkar 17 times richer than Shashi Tharoor

Sunanda Pushkar 17 times richer than Shashi Tharoor
NEW DELHI: Sunanda Pushkar, minister Shashi Tharoor's late wife, had considerable means, making them the wealthiest couple among Union ministers. A declaration of her assets filed by Tharoor for 2012-13 states she owned apartments, jewellery, cars and antiques cumulatively worth more than Rs 112 crore. Tharoor declared assets worth Rs 6.34 crore.

He also declared that he has transferred $2 million to Sunanda Pushkar to "cover her mortgage liabilities in UAE".

Real estate is at the core of Pushkar's wealth. She owns an apartment in Ontario, worth Rs 3.5 crore and 12 apartments "in various stages of completion" in UAE, worth Rs 95 crore. 

If Pushkar has not left a will, her son and husband will equally share her assets as per Hindu Succession Act, lawyer Gaurang Kant said.