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Rishiraj singh’s circular to ‘Curb accidents on campuses’

Rishiraj singh’s circular to ‘Curb accidents on campuses’
Thiruvananthapuram: Transport Commissioner Rishiraj Singh has issued a circular to school and college principals to take steps to see that students don’t get hurt in road accidents.

In the circular, Transport Commissioner Rishiraj Singh said the number of accidents involving students were on the rise. As per the assessment of the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), most of the accidents in which youngsters were involved, occurred when students who had no valid licence, took out the two-wheelers of their friends or relatives.

The authorities of all educational institutions are to ensure that students who come on two-wheelers to the campus hold a valid licence. They should also ensure that they wear helmets while on campus.

Students are allowed to bring only their own vehicles on the campus. If these rules are violated, the matter is to be brought to the attention of the MVD.

The directive is being issued as part of the authorities’ efforts to turn educational institutions in the state into accident free zones, the directive said.