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MP Says Sorry, Shweta Menon Withdraws Complaint!

MP Says Sorry, Shweta Menon Withdraws Complaint!
After a lot of confusions, Shweta Menon withdraws her complaint against the MP N Peethambara Kurup. She made the news public by sending an email to all stating that she has finally decided to withdraw the complaint as the MP had said sorry to her in public.

Shweta Menon claimed a charge of molestation in public against MP N Peethambara Kurup, while she was attending the Presidents Trophy Boat Race in Quilon on Friday. She complained that the alleged MP along with an unknown person tried to molest her inside the car and on the way to the stage.

Shweta said that she was a special guest of the Collector in the function, but she was not provided with the required security. She was very uncomfortable throughout the function, but was quiet as she did not want to spoil the function. After the function, Shweta claimed that she had reported the incident to the Collector as well as the KPCC President. But the collector slammed this news and said that he had met Shweta after the function and she never said anything about the incident. 

Later, Shweta and her husband Sreevalsan Menon said that they have decided to make a complaint to the Kerala CM. Meanwhile, a lot of supporters claimed that the MP should be punished and as per the complaint filed by the DYFI. Police made an enquiry and an arrest warrant against the MP was made. But, to everyone's surprise Shweta, who was in Bangalore to attend a function e-mailed all saying that she has withdrawn the complaint as the MP N Peethambara Kurup had called her and her husband, and said sorry. Moreover, the MP said sorry to Shweta Menon while he was in a press meet too. Shweta Menon thanked all who supported her in this situation.