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From Kerala to New Zealand Jessy sings it all

From Kerala to New Zealand Jessy sings it all
To be awarded the runner up at ‘New Zealand’s got talent’ is indeed a remarkable feat. Jessy Philael from Wellington in New Zealand boasts of this award that she got for her magical voice.  She definitely speaks better Malayalam that many other girls who are born and brought up abroad. Born to Ruby Brighu Philel and Sijy susan George Jessy is currently in Kerala on a vacation with her sister Julie. There is no musical lineage in Jessy's family, her golden voice is considered as truly God’s blessing.

She was crowned the runner up in the reality show’ New Zealand’s got talent’ and was applauded by the judges and the Kiwis.  When she sings with a smile and a deep mature voice she spells magic which mesmerizes any music lover. 

When she was three and half years old she accompanied her sister Julie and some family friends to a get together. While her sister played the piano along with others Jessy who did not know how to play the piano sang a complete song and left everyone awestruck. No one had taught her the song but she listened to it in the car and sang a complete Jim Reaves number.

Her parents then realized the special talent that their daughter had and enrolled her for music classes. When she was at an age when she did not know what competition meant she went on stage. Her parents told her only if her name was called out after the round is over she could ever sing again. At one of the competitions her name was not called out and Jessy broke down because she assumed that would be the last time that she was ever going to sing. Now she recollects that incident and laughs.

'New Zealand has got talent' had no age bar and had participants from the age of 12 to 92 and Jessy winning the runner up  title has definitely led to a huge fan following for her.  The show started with 5000 participants and finally narrowed down to 12 finalists and Jessy won the runner up title. Later on she went on to sing on the Chinese New year’s eve, and she represented New Zealand at the Singapore national day celebration and also gave a performance at the New Zealand parliament. She is the ambassador for New Zealand’s ‘Make a wish’ forum and she performs in their fund raising events.

‘With love New Zealand' released by Sony had top 20 songs and Jessy stood second in the list and third in the New Zealand world top 40!!

Her sister loves the piano and has a flair for cooking but for Jessy music is her world. She also plays the guitar and loves horse riding. New Zealand follows an open and pressure free education system. Jessy has completed her 7th standard and Julie has finished her 12th. All credit for her Malayalam songs she gives her mother because she is the one who trains her on her Malayalam numbers.

She loves Chitra and K J Yeshudas amongst the Malayalam singers.  Pachcha pananthathe, Mynaagam kadalil ninnuyarunnuvo in Malayalam and Chinna chinna asai from Tamil are few of her favourite songs. She had also attempted writing the lyrics but found it difficult. Julia accompanies Jessy to her performances as a pianist.

She came to know her favourite singer Michael Jackson only after his demise. Jessy continued to listen to his songs and read a lot about him and is a great fan of the singer. It is sheer coincidence that she shares her birthday with Michael Jackson on August 29th. Michael Jackson’s vocal trainer Sethrings has promised to train her if Jessy were to go to America.

In Kerala Jessy is busy with stage shows and television interviews. It is with great pride that we look forward to see Jessy reach greater heights in the world of music.