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Fifa fever in Bangalore: Eat, sleep and drink the beautiful game

Fifa fever in Bangalore: Eat, sleep and drink the beautiful game
BANGALORE: This World Cup, if watching matches live on your 21-inch television set at home just won't cut it, Bangalore's pubs have you covered. Though early morning matches have come as a dampener for football enthusiasts, you can still catch the 9.30pm matches with big-screen TVs, World Cup-themed food & beverages and football contests at some of the city's popular joints. For instance, Hard Rock Cafe on St Mark's Road will screen the first match at 9.30pm on Friday.

On the big screen: Restaurants across the city are planning to screen the matches.

Monkey Bar,Wood Street, Ashoknagar

Features: Giant hi-def screens, live matches, World Cup-themed cocktails & food

Signature drinks: Banana Kick (White Rum, Pineapple Juice, Banana and Orange Juice), World Cup (White Rum, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Cucumber, Cinnamon, Amaretto with an upturned pint of Kingfisher). Penalty Bombs: Yellow Card (shot of house whiskey dropped into Beer); Red Card (Shot of Jack Daniels dropped into Ginger Ale);

Signature food: Carne-Val Burger, Waffle Pizza (PiggyBack, Chikita, RHCP, Popeye), Tequila & Lime Wings

Price range: Rs 1500 for two (approx.)

Costliest drink: Shoot-out (3 consecutive shots of secret concoction with Absinthe) Rs 995

Arbor Brewing Company, Magrath Road, Ashoknagar

Features: Home pub of I-League champions Bengaluru FC, football quizzes and contests, Giant hi-def screens, live matches, craft beer, foosball table

Signature drinks: Phat Abbot, Bangalore Bliss, Long Island Ice Teas

Signature food: The Arbor-ger, Pizzas - Greek Passion & Buffalo Soldier

Price range: Rs 1,500 for two (approx)

Costliest drink: BullFrog (Vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, blue curacao, house sour mix, Red Bull) Rs 800

Xtreme Sports Bar, Cunningham Road, Indiranagar, Bannerghatta Road among six locations

Features: Sports decor, live screening, football & pool tables,

Signature drinks: Player's Arena (pitchers of mojito, cosmopolitan, sangreal & long island ice tea), Fire on the Road, Volvo Rally

Signature food: Crispy corn chilli pepper, Jalapeno cheese balls, roast chilli beef, mutton sheekh kabab

Price range: Rs 1,200 for two (approx)

Costliest drink: Player's Arena (long island ice tea) Rs 1,100

Note: Price range is inclusive of alcohol VAT and service charges
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Courtesy: TOI