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GOK#35: Ney Pathiri/Pathal

GOK#35:  Ney Pathiri/Pathal
This is typically a Malabar Muslim delicacy, deep fried roti made using ground rice, fennel seeds, coconut and shallots and eaten best with chicken curry. Eventhough it is deep fried you just cannot stop at one or two...it is truly delicious!

Parboiled rice/Puzhukkalari - 2cups
Grated coconut - 1cup
Shallot (Kunjulli) - 4
Fennel Seeds (Perumjeerakam) - 1tbsp
Rice flour -1/2 cup

Wash and soak the rice overnight.Grind it along with 1/2 cup of water until to get a coarse mixture.(Do not add too much of water.If you can grind the rice with less water you need to add less rice powder only).

Crush together coconut,shallot and fennel seeds. Add this to the rice mixture,add salt too.

Mix everything well. Add enough rice powder and make it a smooth dough.

Take a lemon size ball and flatten it using your fingers by placing it on a plastic sheet. It should not be too thin. You can see the shape and width of the pathiri in the picture. Heat oil in a pan.

Hold the plastic sheet in one hand and remove the pathiri using the other hand and carefully put into hot oil.

After sometimes it will float on top and puff up. Flip it over and fry both sides until golden brown color.

Serve with Malabar chicken curry or any non-veg  Curry.

Courtesy:  Shamna Karim