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GOK #40: Paal Payasam

GOK #40:  Paal Payasam
This is a very classic Kerala dessert prepared during celebrations and festivals.  Easy to make and truly delicious!

White Rice (Pachari) - 1 big handful
Milk (with more fat content) - 5 cups
Sugar - 1 cup heaped (Same measurement as the milk cup)

Wash and thoroughly dry the white rice. Give a pulse movement in mixer (2sec).

Keep a pressure pan on the stove.

Flame it and pour the milk in it. Add sugar. Stir it until the sugar dissolves.

Lower the flame and keep it in sim. Later add cracked white rice.

Stir for a minute and close the cooker lid tightly.

Put the weight on and let it cook until 30-35 minutes.

Do not allow the whistle to come. If the whistle is about to come, switch it off for some time and again flame it in sim.

Adjust the cooking time until 35 minutes.

Switch it off and leave as it is.

The more time you keep it untouched, the more it tastes good and thus the color changes from white to pink!!

Open up and enjoy!

Do not add any fragrance/spices or nuts.. The payasam is as delicious as it is!
Courtesy:  Sudha Nair