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GOK #2: Sulaimani Tea (Malabar Black tea)

GOK #2:  Sulaimani Tea (Malabar Black tea)
Sulaimani Tea is a popular black tea in Malabar. Even some hotels serve sulaimani tea after Biriyani. History says that they are taken after a heavy lunch or dinner. It is black tea prepared light by adding the following ingredients:

1. Tea powder- add little less than the normal black tea.
2. Clove
3. Cinnamon (Karuvappatta)
4. Lemon slice
5. Sugar
6. Water 2.5 glass

Once the water start boiling, add one small teaspoon tea powder. Powder a small piece of clove and cinnamon and add. Filter out tea leaves. Then add little leamon juice and sugar.
Courtesy:  Madhumitha Prakash