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Winter tips for healthy ears

Winter tips for healthy ears
BANGALORE: Winter can be a miserable time and the negative effect of winter chills on ears can be quite debilitating for a lot of people, especially children and aged.
Here are some tips too keep the ears healthy:

When winter winds blow about, keep ears covered up with a scarf. This will keep your ear canals warm and dry making sure there is no risk of infections.

Many small children are prone to ear infections. Chronic ear infections are often a result of a diet high in foods that create mucus buildup, such as sugar, caffeine, dairy products, eggs, wheat, refined carbs, beer, and anything that contains food additives.  Eat mucus cleansing diet that includes a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, and little or no processed foods, refined carbs, sugar, alcohol or caffeine.

When working out in cold conditions blood flow moves away from your extremities-your fingers, feet and ears-to heat your body’s core. Protect your ears using ear muffs making sure they are warm and safe.

Ear infections are a common occurrence among children or adults who come down with a bad cold in winters. It is advisable to keep warm and not blow your nose with excessive force so as not to drive the infection into the ears.

During swimming special care should be taken of ears as water may enter the ears and damage the ear drum leading to pain and swelling. This may later on lead to permanent hearing loss. For swimmers drying the excessive water from ears or shaking out the excessive water from ears is necessary ear care tip.
If you are witnessing some ear trouble signs, before you reach the hospital try some tips which can lessen your pain.

Rest in an upright position to relieve ear pressure. Either rest or sleep sitting up or place several pillows under the head and shoulders to elevate the upper body.
Chewing things like chewing gum will help to reduce the pain by opening up the clogged Eustachian tube.

Eat and drink only when it’s hot. Avoid drinking cold water. Cold air makes ear infection pain worse so avoid the cold if possible.
Take care to avoid wetting the ear. Close the ears with cotton swabs, while bathing.

Soothe and clean ears with ear drops. Apply warm nutmeg oil in the area surrounding the ear.

Don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns you might have about your ears with a health professional. Talking it through with a doctor can dispel unnecessary fears, provide a clearer understanding and if necessary, ensure you get appropriate treatment.

Courtesy:  IBNlive.in.com