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Usthad Hotel - Movie Screening at ECA Club

Usthad Hotel - Movie Screening at ECA Club
Date:  Friday, Nov 30, 2012
Time:  7.30 p.m.
Venue:  ECA Main Auditiorium, 100 ft road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore

Direction:  Anwar Rasheed

Cast:  Dulquar Salman, Thilakan, Siddiq, Nithya Menon, Lena

Production:  Listin Stephen

Music:  Gopi Sunder

If you have missed watching this movie earlier,here is a second chance, remember this has the super hit song "appangal embadum" too...so don't miss it...

Story Outline:  Ustad Hotel written by Anjali Menon plots the story of Faizy Abdul Razaaq's (Dulquer Salman), an immensely rich young and dynamic guy who is  coming of age. An youngster who loved to live a peppy life in UK or France as an executive Chef with his foreign girl friend Christine, he splits up from his father Abdul Razaaq(Siddhique)who plans a Five Star Hotel business with his only son rather than allowing him to create his own recipes. Faizy returns to Calicut to find his grandfather Kareemikka (Thilakan) still making a living with his 'Ustad Hotel' in the beach of Calicut. In the course of time with his grandfather Faizy realises what serving food is all about.  Moreover, Kareeemikka also gives him adept tutorial on how to develop as a good human being.