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The Incredible Mullah Nasruddin

The Incredible Mullah Nasruddin
Date:  Dec 10th to 12th, 7.30 pm
Venue:  Ranga Shankara, No.36/2, 8th Cross, 2nd Phase RV Dental College , JP Nagar, Bangalore  
Contact:  080 26592777 

A young school boy had the strange power to captivate his classmates with his stories. So enraptured were they with the magic of his words that their schoolwork suffered. The teacher, a sage, could not prevent the magnetism working, so he modified it. He put a spell on the young boy: “From now, however wise you become, people will always laugh at you. From now, whenever one of your tales is told, people will feel compelled to tell them until at least seven have been recited.” And sure enough, centuries after the school boy grew up to become Mullah Nasruddin, his stories to this day have a compelling effect the world over. His appeal is universal and timeless and his tales witty and wise. As the Mullah would say: “Enjoy yourself, or try to learn you will annoy someone.” 

Language: English 
Directed by: Pushan Kriplani 
Tickets: Rs. 100