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Moplah Food Festival @ Ente Keralam, Bangalore

Moplah Food Festival @ Ente Keralam, Bangalore
Date:  Up to June 16, 2013
Venue:  Ente Keralam, No: 1/3 Ulsoor Rd,Sivanchetti Gardens, Bangalore
Phone:  080-32421002

Ente Keralam is hosting the exclusive ‘Moplah Food Festival’. The festival is being anchored by Ms. Ummi Abdulla, a pioneer in Moplah cuisine, and will feature some of the most typical dishes like Arikadukka (Mussels stuffed with seasoned rice), Pathiri, Oratti, Meen Mulakittathu (Seer cubes simmered in red chilli tamarind gravy) and Unnakkai (Cotton pod shaped delicacy dessert served with Nendran bananas). Moplah refers to the Malayalam speaking Muslim community in Kerala and the word is derived from ‘Mappilai’ meaning ‘bridegroom’ or ‘Maha Pillai’, a person held in high esteem. Moplah cuisine is an integral part of Ramzan and auspicious occasions like weddings in the Moplah community. Though the cuisine is similar to the local Kerala food, the special Moplah flavours distinguish the cuisine. The ‘Moplah Food Festival’ displays some of the best creations of Ms. Ummi Abdulla who has to her credit 6 books, including Malabar Muslim Cookery also known as ‘The Bible of Moplah Cuisine’. Available for Lunch & Dinner. 

Price: Rs. 150 upwards 
Average Meal for Two: Rs. 900