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Krishna by Shobana (Dance Program)

Krishna by Shobana (Dance Program)
Date & Time:  9th Jun, 2013 | 6:05 PM
Venue:  Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Gayathri Devi Park Extension, Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Directed by: Shobana

Krishna – the man and his philosophy – and why he is still above man’s understanding. The story – whenever righteousness fails and adharma rears its ugly head, the supreme releases himself in the world – as Krishna

Krishna in this production is seen donning different roles, his mother Devaki pleads with him to come back to Mathura and that was one promise he had to keep. He manages to motivate his brethren, the Yadavbas Princes to mend their warring and bickering ways and opt for a more disciplined way of life, winning brides in His inimitable fashion along the way!

For tickets call +91-9243777970