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Ente Keralam brings the ‘Flavors of the Backwaters’ to Bengaluru

Ente Keralam brings the ‘Flavors of the Backwaters’ to Bengaluru
Ente Keralam restaurant is hosting the Flavors of the Backwaters festival until 24th February 2013 at its outlet in Ulsoor. As the New Year sets in, picture the fresh landscape of God’s Own Country with lush coconut trees, serene backwaters and houseboats emanating delicate aromas of the land’s famous cuisine. Ente Keralam brings the enchanting flavors of the backwaters to the city, with a tribute to the unexplored delicacies and spicy bites from the famous toddy shops that line the backwaters.

Kerala’s boasts of some of the most unique coastal cuisines in India with the best of its recipes coming from local eateries like toddy shops frequented by its people. Backwater cuisine is marked by delicious, fiery curries prepared with the freshest seafood and meat with the dishes complimenting the toddy or native alcohol. The backwaters catch is traditionally cooked using time-tested recipes and ingredients in earthenware, which gives a special flavor to the dishes.

Ente Keralam’s Chef Prasad has recreated these rare recipes that are unique to the backwaters of Kerala exclusively for guests at Ente Keralam. The curries are specially prepared in earthenware pots just as they are in the local toddy shop kitchens. Signature dishes on the festival menu includeChempally Varutharucha curry (freshwater fish from the backwaters cooked in a roasted coconut and spices masala), Konju Kurumulagittathu (Prawns marinated in spices and deep fried), Ayala Fry (Mackerel fish marinated with spices and fried), Karimeen Manga ittu pollichathu (Pearl spot fish wrapped in banana leaves and cooked with a raw mango masala) and a special Edanayappam which is cooked jackfruit and jaggery mixed with rice wrapped in fresh bay leaf and steamed.

The exotic recipes are sure to take one right to the backwaters of Kerala and back. The festival is on at Ente Keralam at 1/3, Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor until 24th February 2013. For more details, please call 080-32421002